Subject ERP·MES solution which specialized in printing manufacturing “PERA” – A new paradigm of the printing industry environment begins.
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Perasolution( exhibit “PERA”, which is a printing and manufacturing specialized platform, 

at “K-PRINT 2018” In KINTEX, Ilsan from August 29th to September 1st.



PERA (Printing ERP Revolution Automate)

is a professional printing ERP · MES solution. On Printing Manufacture industry,

PERA can automate all the printing processes through enterprise-wide ERP · MES solution.

The highlight of PERA solution is the Automated Quotation System. It can optimize the complicated calculation behind each order process. From quotation calculation to personal production, it can operate everything in one stop.


The need for professional printing ERP ·MES PERA solution is paramount because of the following reason:

Accurate and quick inspection of Quotation calculation, order management, Cooperative firm management, order placement, and production process. PERA solution can optimize the work production and quality because it can automate all the work processes.


By inputting a simple data, PERA can automatically pull out a quotation and sort the processes. 

Also, each work processes can be managed on real time basis. PERA can save the labor effort and time unlike any other.

If you need accurate and timely management of work processes, real time process management, then PERA is your solution.


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